What we do

Aligned Business Partners (ABP) in the area of Retail (category and assortment management, Supply chain setting, pricing strategies, margin management, and the whole gamut of operations management and analytics), Supply Chain Solutioning (4PL and 3PL for automobile accessories industry), FMCG (aligning the focus to modern trade more sharply, and through a structured manner), and help syndicate investments. We offer expertise and participative management inputs in the industry domains on Retail, IT, Logistics, Supply Chain and Consumer driven initiatives

Aligned Business Partners (ABP) helps bridge the gap between the entrepreneur and the investor. Our model takes into cognizance the dynamics of the business relationship between the entrepreneur and the investor and endeavors to create a win-win scenario.

An organization in its growth phase requires critical support in two areas viz. financial investment and management expertise.

Aligned Business Partners (ABP) works closely with the investor and investee communities to help them achieve their objectives and attain their full potential. Our ecosystem of partners have expertise in different business critical functions and this is leveraged to give the maximum benefit to our customers. Our ALIGN™ model enables us to help our customers achieve this.

    We work closely with the following entities
  • Private Equity firms
  • Venture capitalists
  • Investment entities
  • SMEs
  • First time entrepreneurs
  • JVs for foreign firms investing in India


Aligned Business Partners (ABP) is in Joint Venture with the one of the largest Retailers in India in setting up an end-to-end play in the Fresh Produce (fruits and Vegetables) category, covering the major cities and cropping areas. The JV believes that the world is its source, and endeavors to bring Fresh, and high variety of offerings to its discerning consumers.

Supply Chain Solutions

(DRSA Supply Chain Solutions). Aligned Business Partners (ABP) has set up collaboration with M/s DRS Group, Delhi, the Rs400Cr major in Household relocation business, to setup a Supply chain solution to make customised solutions for various industries, Auto ancillary, FMCG, and Lubricants.

    Current Clients
  • A Major truck manufacturer.
    • Out bound- handling their outbound movements, and providing real time information and changing. Creating a “blue Ocean” in an otherwise traditional field.
    • Studying their in-bound requirements.
    • Studying their Depot management.
  • A Rs300cr auto ancilliary unit. Setting up traceability and aligning the supply chain into a seamless entity.
  • Providing 4 PL services for a Lubricants major in North India.


Aligned Business Partners (ABP) works with M/s Group Soft on their retail product GRMAP roll out in India.

Food Industry

Aligned Business Partners (ABP) has completed assignments with M/s Goli Vada Pav, in streamlining their business onto a profitable track and rendering the business sustainable. It has also worked to set up the traceablility and end-to-end data capture and goods movement for a mid sized auto ancillary company.
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